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Love for Louise

^ This luxurious line is very akin to bath & body works, its not 100% natural or organic but it will rock your socks.

I am excited to offer home decor items as apart of this wonderful line. ^

I am happy to be doing something I love and able to honor my mother at the same time.

This is a new journey. An emotional one. Truth be told, I am pretty scatter brained. I have more ideas than I have time but sometimes….they are actually pretty legit ideas. Usually, those are the ones that keep coming back to me. The ones I see unfolding and beckoning to me in my dreams. Thus, Love for Louise was born. I loss my mother at the tender age of 28. Being an only child, I was instantly confused, upset and felt abandoned. Who would I share my most precious moments with in life? Like child rearing or finally nailing that Thanksgiving dressing recipe and all the other things that young women finding their way do. In my effort to cope and still keep my mother at the center of my life, Love for Louise blossomed into the forefront of my mind. My mother’s middle name was Louise and it was her unapologetic sassiness that helped me become the woman I am today. A tribute to you mom, classy, sassy, and always full of laughter.